Friday, August 16, 2013

The house that got away

It looks like we're officially going to take the house off the market. We haven't been on very long, but we've had absolutely zero interest. That, combined with the cost of the foundation work, the very small margin we had to negotiate with (should anyone ever make an offer), and the fact that half of our down payment money is now going toward getting B a car, meant that the odds were really just too stacked against us. Unless somebody's rich uncle dies we can't even put the house back on in the spring and hope to catch a better market. Since neither B nor I have rich uncles, we probably shouldn't bank on that.

So I've decided to go ahead and share what pictures I have of the house that got away. I was going to wait until we officially owned it, but since that will be never here we go.

From the front porch (that has a swing), you walk into a small vestibule. That's the sneak peek picture I posted way back when. This room is tiny and I was actually focusing on the wallpaper here, so there's not much to see in this picture.

The vestibule light fixture. I'm not sure if it's original, but I like it. Liked it.

Great knob on the interior vestibule door.

From there you enter the foyer. This is the bench in the foyer. The house has all of the original unpainted woodwork except in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Foyer light fixture. Again, not sure if it's original, and it could be a bit bigger, but it's not hideously out of place.

From there you go right into the dining room. This is the bay window in there.

The living room is at the front of the house, to the right of the dining room.

There's another room to the left of the dining room, which we would have used as my sewing room.

From the sewing room toward the dining room and living room. That doorway on the right goes to the foyer.

The kitchen is to the right of the dining room, hidden by the sewing room wall on the right. The doorway on the left is the downstairs bathroom; the doorway and window on the right lead to what would have been the mud room.

The other side of the kitchen. The doorway at the very far left goes out to the dining room (the one I said you couldn't see in the picture from the sewing room) and the one next to that is where the basement door is. If you're standing in that doorway, the basement door is on your right.

Downstairs bathroom. Not sure what's going on with the window.

Now we're back in the dining room going toward the foyer.

The upstairs hall; that's the door to the third floor/attic.

Upstairs hall light fixture. It matches the one in the foyer.

When you go upstairs, straight ahead is what would have been Yaya's room.

To the left is the upstairs bathroom.

Needs a little work.

To the left and behind you from the top of the stairs (or just to the left if you're facing the bathroom) is what would have been Mr. Man's room.

That door is a little porch off of Mr. Man's room. This would have been his Lego room, probably.

If you go right at the top of the stairs, you go to what would have been the master bedroom.

What would have been Baby Girl's room is right next door.

This is the third floor. Around here two story houses with spaces like this--attics tall enough to stand up in, finished or not--are usually labeled as 2 1/2 stories. This would have been B's man cave.

There you have it. Well, it except the basement. The house that got away. It needs a lot of work, yes, but if you're an old house lover you can see why we wanted this instead of our 1968 split entry. Plus the house and the lot are both bigger. I guess it wasn't meant to be, though.

I was hoping this post would be more cathartic, but it's really just made me sad. Ugh.


  1. Bummer, but I believe it wasn' t meant to be! I think you' ll get to fix your current house and learn to love it!! At least, it's what I wish for you!!