Friday, September 20, 2013

A case of the blehs and a new bench seat

Friday, I'm so glad you came! I've been waiting all week for you.

I've been sick for a week with my first sinus infection of the season. It should be over soon, but yesterday was rainy and gray, which means all my energy was gone from the minute I woke up anyway. That's always how it is, and being sick certainly wasn't making me feel any peppier. Normally I don't put up a big fight about sitting around on a rainy day, but I needed something to blog about so I forced myself to get up and get something done.

When I bought the bench, the seat was rickety and had a chunk underneath that had been torn out. One day the whole thing just fell off. It's been sitting like this ever since.

Sad. Also, sorry for the crappy pictures. Like I said, it was a gray day, plus I didn't get the chance to work on this until later in the day.

Part of the reason I've put off fixing the bench until now is because I couldn't decide what fabric I wanted to reupholster the seat with. I mean, I know what I want: faux white ostrich. But I wanted to find it locally and I couldn't. Really, with how long it's taken me to fix it I could easily have ordered something online. But I didn't.

Eventually I landed on the idea of just having a piece of stained wood on there. I had a piece of nice plywood that was roughly the right size, but a little bit longer than the old piece of wood. I dithered a bit about doing the project because I really didn't want to drag the saw out, but I decided to go up and try it in place to see if it would work as is. And it was perfect. Angels sang.

I used my random orbital sander to get it nice and smooth and round the corners just a teeny bit. I put a coat of natural stain on it. Once it's nice and dry I'll put a coat of wax on it, I think. I don't want it to be shiny. Here it is still in the basement; I don't want the stain to stink up the whole house.

I'm also thinking about getting a small lamp and converting it to be battery-powered, like this tutorial shows. I don't know, though. The actual table portion of the bench is pretty small and mostly taken up by the key basket. And would we ever use a lamp there? But on the other hand, I have been wanting an excuse to buy a soldering iron.

I also need a new mirror there. That one is too small. I know it looks like it's hung too high, and it technically is, but that's how high I had to hang it to be able to see myself in it. The pain of being a tall person. So I want a really big mirror there, maybe something like this.

The walls there are something like fourteen feet tall, so something large scale is definitely in order.

What are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to clean. Yay. Fun.

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