Monday, September 16, 2013

Boys' birthday party

It's that time again, or rather, it was this past weekend.

I seem to have burned myself out on the boys' Harry Potter party last year, and then made it a little worse with Baby Girl's first birthday party. So this year I was really not in the mood to party plan. Normally I'll spend months getting all the details right, but I just couldn't this year. So we had what I dubbed the Lazy Party: decorations were minimal, food was minimal, and the kids could either color, watch a movie or play in the toy room. It wasn't as easy or as stress-free as I hoped it would be.

For the decor, we made a banner. I printed out "Happy Birthday" in monbijoux font, then helped the boys color it in. Well, that was the plan. In reality neither of them was really interested so I did most of the coloring. B taped it to orange yarn and hung it on the wall. It was kind of long.

Food. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, salted brown butter Rice Krispie treats. Those were amazing, BTW.

I did later put the chips and pretzels in bowls.


We started with a kid movie on upstairs, but the kids spent the majority of their time in the basement so we switched to a crappy SyFy movie. They were apparently having some sort of alligator/crocodile/dinosaur movie marathon Saturday.

Dr. Mr. Man.

Yaya found a Nerf shotgun that we'd hidden from him, so he was pretty inseparable from it.

Time for presents! Mr. Man was very nosy about the gifts. I think he ended up opening most of them.

See Yaya in the back watching TV? Snooze you lose, Yaya. Also, I think Mr. Man had been told to wait a minute before opening his gift, so he was heartbroken.

Their main gift, the Retron.

It's supposed to play Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games. Of course the Super Nintendo part doesn't work so it has to be sent back.

Lego City cement mixer. I spent an hour and a half putting that together for Mr. Man on Sunday, and he disassembled it and turned it into a helicopter. Lego kits are ridiculously overengineered, but I know how to build a Lego crankshaft now.

Do you like our candles? They were out of nines, apparently.

Baby Girl was sleeping for most of the party, but B woke her up. She was not pleased, but he bribed her into a good mood with chocolate, then with pretzels and strawberries.

And is any party complete if no one gets a bow put on their head?

Overall we're all happy with how the party went, but if I'm not in the party mood next year I'm going to go with my original plan and take them to Chuck E. Cheese or something. They'd be happy either way.


  1. Happy birthday!!
    I ve learned my lesson, I take my girls to McDonald s, they love it and I don't have to clean or plan anything!!:))

  2. Lol on the lego. Yes, very over engineered.

  3. Lol on the lego. Yes, very over engineered.