Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall outerwear style

It's supposed to be 90 degrees here today, so of course I'm thinking about fall.

Fall is my favorite season, especially when the trees still have most of their leaves but they've turned those brilliant reds and golds. The air is crisp, it's not getting dark at 5 PM yet, and you get to have Halloween and Thanksgiving, two of the best food holidays.

A main staple of my fall wardrobe is the hoodie or cardigan. I used to have close to a dozen, but my collection has been whittled down lately. I think it's time to remedy that.

Ruffles. Get used to seeing those because I love me some ruffles.

I have to imagine the waist detail on here would be super flattering.

OK, realistically, this would not look good on me. I am of hearty German peasant stock (read: broad-shouldered), so this would be about as good on me as big '80s shoulder pads. But I love it anyway.

More ruffles. I told you.

And more.

I think the length on this, both of the overall cardigan and the ruffles themselves, would keep it from making you look too hippy.

Again, to be realistic I don't think I'd wear this. It looks like it'd need to be buttoned to really look right, and I rarely button stuff. Maybe if it were a zipper with a faux button placket?

Eventually I'll need a warm coat, and I wish I had a dozen of these, too. Right now I have a red coat I bought at Target a few years ago, a fitted camel trench made of some sort of faux wool, and a charcoal peacoat. But I love winter coats in fun colors and with beautiful details.

The color on this is beautiful, and the contrasting fabric (leather, I assume) belt is a great touch.

Again, great color, and the unique bell sleeves take it up another notch.

Military style with (you guessed it) ruffles to soften it up.

I assume the piping on the belt is leather, like the accent strips on the cuffs. This is another piece where the accent at the waist would do a nice job of accenting the waist.

Vintage Dior. Perfect.

More vintage styling with a shawl-esque color and a subtle herringbone pattern.

OK, not a coat, and it looks like satin so not really a good choice for a coat, but isn't that bow detail amazing? I also like the wider skirt with the fitted bodice.

Twirly! The military-style top pairs really well with the feminine circle skirt bottom.

I love this mini tassel-trimmed scarf.

Or, of course, a mini pom pom-trimmed scarf.

There's also the infinity scarf, which (like all of these scarves) is an easy DIY. I like this lace-trimmed one.

Are you looking forward to fall? Are there any new pieces you're planning on buying soon?


  1. Yeyyy!! Loved your post!! Love the coats, the first one, and the mustardy one with those amazing arm details are really gorgeous!! Although I write about interiors I also did a fashion=related post a few days ago, couldn't help it!:))
    Have a week!!