Thursday, September 12, 2013

Now you see it, now you don't

This is the view into my sewing room from the den.

Not exactly pleasant. We've had canvas dropcloths stapled up here before, but we always ended up taking them down when we needed to get lots of things in and out of the tool area back there. Then they were torn because they'd just been stapled up and it was a pain to get through them anyway, so we'd just leave them down and try not to look in that direction. It's been open and ugly for a while now.

While I was cleaning the basement, I amassed a pretty decent number of cheap curtain rods, and I already had the metal mounting hardware (even knew where it was). The only thing I was missing was a curtain, but as luck (or my hoarding) would have it, I ran across a queen and king flat sheet that I'd bought forever ago for...something. I don't remember. Then I found a bunch of curtain rings in another bag. All the pieces were in place, so I decided to go ahead and get something put up. Here's the problem, though.

The curtains need to be hung on the floor joists, so the ductwork is in my way. They make the area where I need to hang the curtain almost a z-shape, so my only option was to hang the curtain across the joist and ignore the ducts for now. Eventually I will finish the ceiling in some fashion, which means I will frame out the ducts and cover them with drywall. At that point I'll be able to hang another curtain in front of the furnace mess at the left. Actually I'd like to put an accordion door or something, something that's a little more rigid and more clearly defines the furnace area from the rest of the room. There's not a whole lot of leeway because of the water pipe on the far left there, but that's for another day.

Here's how it looks now.

The den isn't looking that great right now either, but at least the sewing room isn't adding to the visual clutter. Tomorrow I'll finish clearing off the giant table, carry the rest of the extra stuff out to the garage, and get the rest of the carpet put down. Party time in two days.

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  1. Perfect solution! I love the idea of an accordion door. I hate looking at this stuff, too. My husband would never notice this.