Monday, September 30, 2013

Oh. Monday. You're here.

Another weekend done. Blech. I am too lazy for weekdays.

Most of what I got done this weekend was shopping, which is fine by me. We bought some new fall/winter clothes for the kids, since Baby Girl has outgrown all the stuff that fit her in the spring and the boys are constantly destroying clothes. They outgrow them less often, but it does happen.

I also bought most of the stuff for Baby Girl's Halloween costume. Can you guess it?

Hmmmm. If anyone actually does guess it I will fall over. I'll tell you soon. I know the colors are a little weird; B put in a 300 watt bulb (fingers crossed the house doesn't burn down) to try and get a decent amount of light in the den. It kind of works. It definitely works for messing up pictures.

Mr. Man is being Iron Man (store bought costume) and Yaya is going to be Herobrine. It's mostly a printable costume, which is nice. I'll be making armor using this tutorial.

How was your weekend? I hope you got to do something fun, or at least something productive.

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