Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Painting the fireplace and staircase

The fireplace got some color.

No grout yet, but that'll be coming up next. I also need to get a bulb and build the hearth. I want to do a flicker bulb, but I've read that those need separate circuits. That's not really something I want to do here, but I'm looking into it more. Also, now that I've taken that cat out of the package he came in, I'm afraid to move him out of the room.

Did a little faux finishing on the stairs. This still needs sealing. It's a little darker than I wanted, but that's OK.

There will be an angled door that goes on the side to break up that big expanse of wood grain. You can see my unfinished gravity baseboard register in there, too.

I couldn't resist putting down a little flooring in the first room.

The hearth needs to be built first, then I'll cut a piece of cardstock to the size of the room and lay the wood on that. Since it's actual wood, and not mat board like the stairs, I'll probably use regular wood stain instead of acrylic paint. I'm thinking Early American, something in a midtone. I also want to get wallpaper up this week--if I were smart I would have put it up before I glued the walls in, but I couldn't decide on pattern so I've been procrastinating that part. I guess I'd better go make a decision.

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  1. Ha!! This is coming along so cute!! And you plan to grout the chimney!! So cool!!