Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quick progress post

I had planned to do more and have more to post about, but B was like "let's watch a movie, let's spend time together," blah blah blah. Pfft. So I just have some quick shots today.

The beginning of a cathedral radio, tutorial here. That's a fantastic site, by the way. You should definitely check the whole thing out if you're into DIY miniatures.

Door for the under stairs closet.

I realized I needed a chimney, so here's my foam core board base.

I am not looking forward to cutting and gluing all the bricks for that. I figure I'll get the chimney bricked and painted, then grout them both at the same time. But I think I'm going to finish sewing some clothes for Baby Girl tomorrow, so all that will have to wait at least a day.

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