Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Toy room frustration

This is our toy room.

As you can see, our toy storage system (the shelving units and tubs) is not really working. I've looked at a lot of different solutions for this space and really just can't make a decision. B wants something like Ana White's 2x4 console cubby shelves, but I don't see how that's much different than what we already have.

We used to have this angled bin organizer, but it didn't really work for the toys we have so we got rid of it.

Because I had no other ideas, I took some old diaper boxes and cut the tops at an angle. Eventually I'll cover them with fabric, or maybe paint them.

I cut them at an angle on the sides. The handles on these boxes tear out sometimes, so I wanted to get rid of those. I cut the first one at seven inches tall in the front.

I cut the second one at nine inches.

I wish had done the first one that high. Oh well. I can always replace it when I get another box.

These help a little bit, but this is what the shelves look like after I've cleaned up.

I left the most-used toys out, but even so, this is not really organized. But most of these toys aren't things that go in bins. I don't know. It's good enough for now.

Here's a shot of the clean room.

There's a little nook area where the gate goes around the treadmill; that's where my one bin of unsorted (mostly Megabloks) toys sits, plus all the cars that are too big to go in the "vehicles" drawer over by the kitchen set.

I kind of feel like having the Barbie house like this is wasting space, but it's not like I have any better ideas for that area, and Baby Girl likes to have access to the front door and the doorbell.

I think this fall I'm going to make getting the basement organized my priority. We've been planning to put a little door in the wall that's adjoining to the under-the-stairs storage area and turn the back half of that space into a little hideout for the kids. We do use it for storage, but getting to the back of that area is a pain. The storage area is L-shaped and under the stairs, so if you need something from the very back you have to crawl over all the stuff at the front, lay down and hope you can reach whatever it is so you don't have to wedge yourself in there. Then good luck turning around to get out. Kojak's kennel is in the front of the storage area now too, so I think the best use of space would be shelves above her kennel and maybe a few behind, for the stuff we very rarely use. That will clear out the sewing room a bit so I can actually use the space, then we can start organizing over there. Let's hope this round of organizing sticks.

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  1. I feel your pain. I don't miss all the stuff, but I miss the kids being younger. Go figure. Maybe some of the toys can go to another home? Are they all being used? I would hide a toy for a while and see if my kids would ask for it. It they didn't, I knew it was time to go.