Friday, October 4, 2013

Another early weekend

The kids apparently have no school again this Friday, which, I'll admit, was a nice surprise when I found out about it on Monday.

I'm going to try and finish Baby Girl's Halloween costume today, just to have it done. I worked on it a little yesterday and got this far.

I probably could have finished almost the whole thing, but after an hour Baby Girl decided she hated the toy room and wanted to go upstairs to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Hopefully she'll be more accommodating today.

This weekend I have some dresser painting to do and a backyard gate to build. I put my odds at finishing one project at 60% and both projects at about 15%. That is based on nothing more than knowing how lazy I am. A miracle could occur and I could finish the new rat cage, too. If I get all three done I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket.

Have fun this weekend! Whatever you have planned (feel free to share it in the comments) I hope you get it done!

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