Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Friday

I am always ready for Friday. I'd say by Wednesday I really start wishing it was Friday.

I had big plans for yesterday. I wanted to finish up Baby Girl's blanket that I started when I was five months pregnant and needs just a few more hours of work, but Baby Girl was messing with my crochet bag a while ago and now my H hook is gone. Not surprisingly, I could not find it again. Also, Baby Girl appears to have decided to embrace the terrible twos five months early because she has been a hellion. She intentionally threw herself off the couch yesterday while throwing a fit. Then, Mr. Man fell asleep on the couch when he came home from school and she kept hitting him in the face to wake him up/annoy him. I'm not even counting all the times I got slapped and screamed at. Time has erased this part of the boys' development from my memory and I'm not that thrilled about experiencing it again.

So anyway. Basically I have nothing to write about. I cleaned the basement again but ugh. I'm tired of writing about that until I've really made some progress and am not just taking it back to where it was before.

We got parts of B's costume in the mail yesterday. Baby Girl was a not-quite-willing model.

Twenty days until Halloween! I feel like 2013 has gone really fast. Up until September I was still thinking "Now what year is it? Wow, 2013 already?" I'm guessing I'll get used to saying 2014 around June 2015.

This weekend I'm going to finish up the last of the furniture redos for Yaya's room. I'd like to finish those up Saturday so I can maybe finish Baby Girl's costume Sunday. What are your plans for the weekend?

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