Monday, October 7, 2013

Costume in progress

Before we start, I'll just say: I did not finish all of my projects. I know, I know. How shocking. I did work on all of them, but I didn't finish any. I probably should have picked one to focus on and maybe finished it, but that's not how I do things.

I accomplished the most on Baby Girl's costume. I tried it on her, and she was just super thrilled.

Baby Hair-in-the-Face in the wasteland that is our toy room.

We're getting there. I did get more than that done, but the rest is still in pieces.

I actually also got the rat cage base completed, but it was like 1/4" too small. I wasn't surprised, but I was annoyed. So even though I finished it, that doesn't count because it has to be almost totally redone. That's the point at which I gave up, since it was 5 PM and I was tired.

It was a cold and rainy weekend so I didn't get much done on the dog fence gate, but I did find some scrap wood in the garage that meant we didn't need to go buy anything new. That's always a happy surprise.

My goal for the week is to finish up all of this stuff by Friday. What did you do this weekend?

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