Friday, October 18, 2013

Craft minute

Last night, while watching our before bed episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I decided to grab a brush and paint a pumpkin. This is generally the level of preparation that goes into all of my crafting. Well, I guess I did specifically buy paint for this since I wanted robin's egg blue.

I still have to paint the bottom, but I'll do that sans children since I want the stem to stay intact. I just don't have the talent to simultaneously paint an upside-down pumpkin and keep the children from getting paint everywhere.

I let Baby Girl help and she gave herself some blue streaks in her hair.

Mr. Man wanted to paint another pumpkin, so tomorrow we will be painting a pumpkin cream with gold dots. It will probably be gold splotches, but whatever. We'll pretend it's this type of ikat. I should put that fabric somewhere in Yaya's room.

Also, yay Friday! This weekend I'm going to finish up Baby Girl's costume (maybe today, if I'm lucky) so I can focus completely on Yaya's room. We're halfway done and I have a million projects to finish still. Time to buckle down. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

1 comment:

  1. I am waiting for the inspiration to paint a pumpkin!!
    LOVE the touch of colour in your girl's hair!! Have a good weekend!!