Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fairy garden greenhouse plan

A few weeks ago, I found a cute glass greenhouse for half off at my second-favorite thrift store. They were having a great sale, which was apparently a closing sale, because we went back a few days later to look for Halloween costume stuff and there was a "closed until further notice" note on the door. Anyway, the greenhouse is in the living room just waiting for something to be done with it.

I thought a fairy garden would be adorable. The space in there is kind of limited, though--the base is 8 1/2 inches square and it's roughly 14 inches to the very top. Tall plants would probably be better, but I don't know how easy it will be to find plants that don't grow very big but do grow tall.

I want to do a tiny string of battery-operated LED lights, which may be expensive and/or difficult to find. But if I get warm white, that counts as daylight for the plants, right?

And of course in a fairy garden you have to have a fairy house. I love this castle, and Lord knows I have tons of river rock I want to get out of the yard.

I figure there's room for maybe three or four tiny plants. We have a jade plant that desperately needs to be divided.

A fern? This is a spider fern.

Something with flowers. This pink plant is called a calandiva according to the comments at the link. It's a succulent, too, like the jade plant.

And some moss for soil cover and, of course, to look like tiny grass. This is reindeer moss. According to Pinterest it comes in different colors, but I have no idea if that's legit or just dye or something.

Have you made a terrarium or fairy garden? Any plants I should use or avoid? Am I crazy for wanting to put a tiny waterfall in there?

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