Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween and fall decor that's not in my house

This year I more or less decided to skip the fall and Halloween decorating. I will hang up my boo wreath, and we have three pumpkins that probably won't get carved because stupid squirrels are stupid. I like decorating for fall--normally I have pumpkins, pinecones, a turkey covered dish thing and a few other things out, but this year I skipped it. Mostly because Baby Girl is just into everything and partially because there's so much other stuff going on right now. So instead of showing you what's in my house, I'm going to show you some of my favorite stuff that I don't have. Maybe I'll make some of these things over the winter.

I love this. He's so cute, with his little pet spider and his Halloween bucket.

Unfortunately, we only have two windows that face the street, and they are bedroom windows. But maybe someday we'll move and I'll be able to do this.

Lots of good ideas here.

I've been trying to collect enough pinecones to make a wreath for three years. Every year the squirrels have eaten all the pinecones. I need to just start making them out of felt.

I don't really burn candles, but this would be pretty with some flamless pillar candles.

I love the color of the big pumpkin, and I love the nubby little squash. I have a fake silver pumpkin I'll put somewhere, but I'll have to check Dollar Tree and Wal-Mart for fake pumpkins and gourds. I need a robin's egg blue pumpkin now.

The metal owl is what really makes this.

Number one, I need a Swedish clock (tutorial here if you do, too) and two, pheasant feathers! Surely I can find somewhere for those.

A few years ago I made this painted leaf garland, and while I still love that, the leaves don't hold up well over time just out on a garland like that. This is less personal because my kids didn't paint the fabric, but definitely longer lasting.

I may have missed the fall decorating window this year, but now I really want to put up Christmas decorations. I need garland and glittery snow globes in my life.

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