Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lazy Tuesday

Baby Girl and I took the day off yesterday. We watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, played peek-a-boo, did some coloring, chased the cat and tried to not get licked in the face by the dog. Good times.

I started sewing Baby Girl some slippers. She was thrilled.

I also finished up her Halloween costume and worked on Yaya's bedding. The bedding is taking forever, but that's what you get when you have to do things for as close to free as possible.

I still have to finish up my sewing for B's costume, which I hope I can finish tomorrow. I haven't even started it yet, so that's a lofty goal. I may even have to give up my afternoon nap. The boys's costumes just need printed pieces, so that shouldn't be too hard. So far I think this might be the earliest I've been almost ready for Halloween. It's kind of exciting to be ahead of schedule for once. It's not a feeling I'm very familiar with.

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