Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One last costume

It seems I spoke a little bit too soon when I said I was done with Halloween costumes. I didn't forget about Yaya's costume (he's dressing as Herobrine from Minecraft), but it seems I underestimated how much work his costume would be. I used this link to print the costume. It suggests printing on a large format printer. I don't have a large format printer, which means I printed it at home. Because of this, it required a ton of paper, so I decided to only do the head. Yaya isn't super thrilled about it because the shirt I bought isn't exactly the right color, but he'll just have to deal. Or my mommy guilt may force me to do the rest of it, could go either way.

Anyway, this head is supposed to fit over an 11x11x11 box. Spoiler alert: it doesn't. The finished size of each side of the head was only 10 1/2". B bought a 14x14 box and cut it down, but didn't account for the thickness of the cardboard so we ended up with an 11x11x11 box. SIGH. I cut the pieces out of foam core and ended up with this beauty.

The top has a seam because the foam core sheets I had were 20x30 or something like that. It's the top of the head, though, so it should be fine.

Minecraft ghost skin.

It really would be better if you could print this on a large-scale printer (I assume Office Max/Depot could do something like that) or if you could at least choose where your seams went. On here there's one seam that's right at the edge of the head, maybe 1/8" from the edge. I tacked it down with teeny tiny dots of hot glue. Most of the rest of the head I glued with white glue, but I did the edges with hot glue.

It sees into your soul.

I put four layers of white tulle behind the eyes. They're supposed to be white, but he needs to be able to see out of it, too. I suppose I could have done six layers, but his peripheral vision is already going to be nonexistent, so I think four is good.

And a sneak peek of Baby Girl's costume/ride.

Two more days!

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