Thursday, October 31, 2013

One room challenge, week five

Things are coming together! I think I've finally bought all of the little odds and ends I needed to finish things up. This week has mostly been about the desk area, with a little bedding and rug thrown in for good measure. Forgive the messy room; I had a very short window of time to take pictures.

I floated his desk and hung up his pendant.

Yaya LOVES this area. It went from never being sat in to him sitting there every night (usually way too late). I wrapped the cord myself; it took between six and eight hours. I tied it around the cord to start, then every so often (probably every four inches, or when my hand was going numb and I needed to let go) I wrapped a piece of Scotch tape around the cord, sticky side out, and wrapped the yarn around that. The yarn is "I Love This Yarn" in orange. I picked that one because it had more red in it than Red Heart's orange, which is much brighter. I was going to use what I had left over from my Halloween wreath, but I couldn't find it. This color reads more red than orange to me, but oh well.

Yaya wanted the cord wrapped in red so it's a bonus for him. Also, we are going back and forth about the placement of the desk. To me, the pendant needs to be off to the side, just over the desk. He wants it in the center of the desk. I moved the desk to be able to paint the rug, but as soon as that's done he'll move it right back. It's his room.

Speaking of the shade, here it is so far.

The original poster said that she used eight circles to form the base, but she felt that was a little much so I only used three. I'm trying to make it as organic as possible and let the veneer do what it wants, but I also need to walk a fine line between letting it get too floofy (technical term). This is one whole package of veneer; I picked up another one today which will hopefully be enough for the rest of it. One package is 25 feet, but each circle to make the shade base (we decided on a 12" finished size) was 38". That's 9 1/2 feet just for the bones of the thing.

Art wall.

These are things I found online, printed on cardstock, clipped to silver binder clips (I wanted bulldog clips but hello expensive) and held onto the wall with poster putty. The poster putty is a bit iffy so far, but I think it'll be OK. I tried to stick to free printables, but sometimes I could only find Tumblr or Pinterest as a source.

I also started painting the rug.

This took two hours. I was using a 1" artist's brush, so I grabbed a 2" chip brush when I got the veneer. Hopefully that'll make things go a little bit faster.

I think I've decided not to do anything to the video game table besides clean it really well. First of all, I'm running out of time. Second of all, I do want to strip it in the spring, and putting a layer of paint on it now seems silly. I still need to paint the lamp, put another coat of paint on the top of his bedside table, frame the art, finish the rat cage, and clean/style the whole room. Doable, but a bit nerve wracking. Reveal week is next week!

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  1. Such cool elements in your room! Can't wait to see the reveal!

  2. That veneer shade is looking so cool. I am already looking around trying to figure out where I can use one.

  3. That art wall looks great. Can't wait to see the final room next week.

  4. The lighting is looking fantastic and I love your art wall too Jessica, for kids, changing up art easily is a must! Can't wait to see the whole space next week!

  5. Love the wall art. The rug is looking great, too. I think floating the desk was a great idea.

  6. Drooling over your wall art! It's coming together nicely. I've been working my butt off all weekend!:-) looking forward to your reveal!

  7. You were a busy girl this week! Lots of great projects here, especially the lampshade. But your binder clip gallery wall is sweet too. If the motivation and time allows, you can add cool papers to the binder clips to give them a more unique look. Then there is always silver spray paint…!!!

  8. I love your gallery wall against that dark wall! Thursday is coming before we know it!!