Thursday, October 24, 2013

One room challenge, week four

I feel way behind this week, but since Halloween costumes are now more or less done I can start catching up.

So this week Linda asked if we needed to make any changes to our plans, and it's like she's done this before because, shockingly, I did. A few of them, actually.

This is Yaya's video game table.

My original plan with this was to strip it and give it a coat of natural stain and either wax or satin poly. However, even though I have Citristrip, my sewing room--the only inside space we can do messy projects because it doesn't have flooring--is a wreck with not enough room for that table and working space. Which is sad, because the table is a big three foot square, but that's not all that much floor space. Anyway, it went from pretty warm to cold with a two day buffer here, so outdoor painting and stripping projects are done for the year. I don't really want to leave it as is, and I don't really want to paint it, so I settled on a whitewash--maybe with a little bit of the yellow paint from the dresser drawers--until I can strip it in the spring.

The other thing I changed was my plan for the desk area, in that I now have one. This is the desk area.

Yaya's room is actually pretty big. It was built as the master bedroom, but our house has a big finished room in the basement with three full-size windows, so B and I moved down there before Baby Girl was born. Yaya's current room is a comfortable size for a queen bed, but he's got a twin so it's pretty massive for him. My original plan with the desk was to leave it in the corner, maybe face it toward the window, but now I'm thinking I'll float it at an angle next to the dresser. I wanted a pendant light but was having a really hard time finding something that was in my budget and available fast. After looking all over the internet, I finally found a $15 pendant light socket with a long enough cord at Target. Most fixtures had an eight food cord, which will not work for a plug-in lamp that you want to swag from the ceiling. This one has a fifteen foot cord, though. Fifteen feet! And it came with two hooks, which is good because I forgot to buy hardware. Note to myself when I forget where I put this: it's on the top shelf of Yaya's bookcase, left side. You're welcome, self.

For the shade, I showed Yaya some DIY ideas and he picked this "crazy wood one." I also have some thoughts on wall art; we'll see how that pans out. I kind of want to paint the bottom part of the desk turquoise, but that's something else that'll have to wait until spring.

Lastly, I got some accessories at the thrift store this week.

Cat not included. The baskets are for his video games and Magic: The gathering cards. He wants to paint them red, but I said no because there's no other red in the room. Color remains unknown. The jack, vase and tiny hedgehog are just because.

Tiny hedgehog! How could I not buy it? It was 85 cents. I think maybe he wants to be gold.

I bought the vase because of the speckled finish.

Yaya was like "what am I supposed to do with this?" I told him it was just to be pretty and he gave me a look. Boys.

I have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks. I feel good about getting it all done, though. My fingers and toes are crossed.

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  1. Love the jack and the hedgehog!! Looking forward to seeing your room!

  2. I love the hedgehog, yes he was a must. I don't need to do Halloween anymore, so that free's up a whole lot of time. Good luck.

  3. Oh, if you don't have room for the little hedgehog you can send him down south - he is just too darn cute!

  4. Excited to see your pendant light! Everything is going to look super cute!!

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  6. What great thrift store finds! I like the gold idea, I would liquid leaf him. :) That wood pendant shade idea is so cool!