Thursday, October 10, 2013

One Room Challenge, week two

It's week two of the ORC, and things are moving along. If you want to see all of my before pictures and my plan, check out week one's post here.

I decided to paint the dresser first. If you remember, it looked like this when I started.

Yaya wanted to paint it black, of course, and I said no. I have nothing against black furniture--other furniture in his room will be painted black--but the walls are already dark and this piece is just too big to be painted black. I suggested we use the leftover paint from his brother's room (Benjamin Moore Cement Gray), since I had to buy a new gallon for touch ups and to paint the basement bathroom and had most of it left. Of course he didn't want that either. We looked at some swatches online and he chose Benjamin Moore Silver Fox. This is not the color I would have chosen--I would have gone with a gray with a lot less brown in it--but I like that he has an opinion and the color isn't offensive in any way, so off I went. I planned to get this mixed in Benjamin Moore paint, but Clark + Kensington was on sale for $25 a gallon. The lady actually had to mix it twice because the first time was way off, although it was a really nice light gray.

Anyway, this is what it looks like now.

No styling has been done yet, of course. Spike the hamster is in his new home on the bottom shelf. That's kind of a terrible representation of the color, too. Here's a slightly better one.

Neither Yaya nor I were sold after I had done the first coat of brushwork in this color. It was very, very tan. It was almost a light butterscotch. But I figured it was because we were seeing it against the primer and in one coat, so I kept on. It's grown on me now; I actually like it.

I added a little color on the sides of the drawers.

I just bought sample pots for each of the drawer sides. Luckily I found two on the oops shelf that were perfect, and also 50 cents each. Yay! The rest were full price, though. Win some, lose some.

Part of Linda's suggested theme this week asked what you learned. I can't say that I really learned this, because I already knew and just didn't do it, but I wish I had marked the drawers before I painted them, both for position and color. I (stupidly, since I've painted vintage furniture before) assumed that the bottom four drawers were interchangeable. HA. And HA again. Somehow it ended up working out, mostly because I realized after the first three drawers that they actually did have specific places to go, so I was able to plan the other three accordingly.

The colors were chosen because of the art I have planned for the walls. After I chose the art colors, I used Gimp to make squares of the background colors on a piece of paper. I printed it off, went to Home Depot, and grabbed the first six (well, four) color chips that were the closest. I do still have to paint the insides of the drawers, but no one cares about that.

So here's my updated to do list:

  • New curtains, rods and finials. I have new rods, plans for finials, and the curtains are started. More about that next week.
  • New bedding. Still working on ideas for this.
  • Wall art. Almost done with this.
  • A rug. Planning on doing a painted floorcloth. Probably.
  • Change the finish on almost all of the furniture. The dresser has been painted, and I'm going to get the bedside table and the video game table started this weekend.
  • Consolidate the rats. I screwed up the rat cage base last weekend, so I have to redo it. It's also on my list for this weekend.

So far, so good, but there's still a long way to go. Don't forget to go to Linda's page and check out the official participants and all the other linking participants.


  1. That is a really great idea with painting the dresser drawers! I'll have to keep that in mind to try myself one day.

  2. Wow, I never would have had the patience to paint the sides of the drawers. Makes it look cute when kids leave them hanging open :)

  3. i love the pop of color from the sides. Boy, did I learn that the hard way, too. Now most of my furniture has #'s or letters on the bottom of the drawers. Great tip. It's looking so good.

  4. Oh Jessica, when I first read your name I thought it said "MustardFabricSoftener" ... Really? I thought!! You made me laugh and then I put on my glasses!! Love what you did here and the ambition to paint the sides of the drawers put me over the top! Way to go!! xo

  5. Love the painted sides of the dresser. So fun!

  6. Love what you did with the drawers!!!! Genius!!!!

  7. What a LOVELY post:) Im now following on pinterest...I hope you follow me back.

    Check out my blog today...divine royal bedroom inspiration:)

    Have a fab. week dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)