Thursday, October 3, 2013

One Room Challenge

It's that time again! Linda has the official One Room Challenge starting, plus this year she's opened it up to anyone who wants to participate. Even though I know I shouldn't start another new project, I couldn't resist joining.

I had already been planning a little face lift for Yaya's room, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. The first week of the challenge means everyone is showing their before pictures. I decided to be totally open and not clean up for these. You've been warned.

View from the door.

New dresser.

Funny story about this. I kind of stole the top from the thrift store. Well, not stole. But took without paying.

Yaya has been without a dresser for a while. He was supposed to be using a few bookcases in his closet to stack clothes on, but he was just leaving his clothes in baskets or digging through them so they ended up on the floor. When I first decided to redo his room I wanted a dresser with a bookcase on top. After searching for a few weeks without finding anything, I thought I would just take the dresser from the sewing room and put it in his room. But I tried the thrift store one last time and was so excited to find this dresser. It was stacked just like the picture, with a tag on a dresser drawer but nothing on the top bookcase part. In hindsight, the finishes are obviously different, but under the fluorescent lights, and through my haze of excitement at having found the piece I needed, I didn't notice that. I did think "oh, how unusual that they didn't make the bookcase go all the way across the top of the dresser."

My mom and I went back to get it later that day. They brought the dresser part out to her truck, but the bookcase part was nowhere to be found. They found it still on the sales floor, priced at $7. I told the employees helping me that it was supposed to be part of the dresser and they took it out for me. I would have paid for it if asked (although I was happy I wasn't--first of all, the dresser was kind of expensive for the shape it was in; second of all, don't stack furniture you're not selling together if it's not clearly tagged separately or at least very visually different) but they didn't seem to care. When we were in the truck on the way home, my mom said "that top part doesn't look anything like the bottom part." I said "yeah, I'm noticing that now." But a coat of paint will solve all that.

Video game table.

Rat cage area.


So my to do list for this room is:

  • New curtains, rods and finials. These curtains are hand-me-downs from my sister that were never intended to hang in here, but I switched them out from the faded pink ones we had when this was the master bedroom (which were also never intended to hang in there) and haven't done anything since. They're stained and shrunk, and a rat chewed on one when the cage was put too close to the window. Basically they're ready for the trash.
  • New bedding. I have no real ideas on this yet. Definitely something more interesting to cover the box spring, some shams and ???
  • Wall art. He still likes Harry Potter so the Gryffindor banner left from their Harry Potter birthday party will be staying. I'm making some Harry Potter-themed art for...somewhere. I haven't decided where it will go yet. Probably on the window wall above the bed.
  • A rug? I really like the Nate Berkus arrowhead rug, but $150 isn't in my budget and I also think something lighter would be better. Maybe I could do a canvas floorcloth or a painted carpet remnant.
  • Change the finish on almost all of the furniture. The bed is staying as is, but everything else is changing. The dresser and bedside table are being painted, and something is happening to the video game table. I think I want to bleach it. Yaya is obsessed with having everything black now. His favorite color was green, and I had a mental plan made up around that, but now he wants black. Literally every question I've asked him about paint has been answered with "I want it black." That's not going to happen with the navy blue walls, but I will give him a few black pieces.
  • Consolidate the rats. You'll notice in the pictures above that there are actually three cages in the room: two in use and one half-built. The new cage is a duplex, so both sets of rats will be able to go in one space. I just have to finish the new cage. It's been half-built for a month now, so obviously I need to get in gear.

Go check out the full list of official participants at Linda's page, and check out her link party with the other players. Link up if you have a room of your own that needs a makeover!

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  1. I love to see the transformation in kids' rooms as they get older. Repainting furniture is totally budget-friendly. I look forward to seeing the infusion of black in the space. I, too, am redoing a kid's room - my daughters.

  2. That is a long list! I am so happy you jumped in. Good luck with the plans.

  3. Love your plan! Looking forward to seeing the room!

  4. It will make a huge difference repainting the furniture, can't wait to follow along!

  5. can't wait to see what you will do with this room!
    glad you joined the ORC challenge too, I just joined myself and I'm excited about it! :-)

  6. Looking forward to following along with you, sounds like you have a great plan. I'm linking up too, so much fun!

  7. Yey, I'm not alone in doing a boys room, although mine is technically a teen already! Can't wait to see your progress, your plan sounds cool!

  8. Love that your "before" is close to as messy as mine! So funny about the bookcase :-)

  9. I am sure that dresser/bookcase will look great with a little paint. Can't wait to see how the room turns out.

  10. Love how you're keeping it real. And wow about the rats... that'll be interesting to see what you do with these little guys and the cages! And Harry Potter, how fun!

  11. Sounds like an ambitious plan! I'm excited to see what you do!