Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today I did something practically unheard of around here.

I worked in the yard.

I tried to fix this gate that's hung like this since we've lived here.

But surprise! It hangs like that because it literally cannot hang right. The posts must not be straight or something. Something's out of square. That's solid workmanship right there.

Also, this happened.

Don't mind our (still) unfinished dog fence.

Let me just stop a minute and talk about our trees. We have four trees on our lot which, as far as I'm concerned, is at least three trees too many. I don't have anything against trees. What I do have a beef with is trees that have been planted just wherever. The maple in the center of the front yard is fine, I guess. It's messy but I can handle that. It will probably come out if I get the opportunity, though, because it drops branches all the time, live branches, and it's just a matter of time before our house or someone's car gets hit. Same for the stupid pine tree in the front. It's a home for annoying squirrels that eat my pumpkins at Halloween and make a huge mess everywhere, and it drops branches. Two strikes, you're out. The black walnut--do I even have to tell you why that's annoying? There are half-eaten walnut fruits everywhere in our yard. Probably on our roof, too, thanks to the squirrels.

And the locust. The one that lost that branch up there. Sorry, locust, you're just in the wrong place. It makes a lot of the yard difficult to use because it cuts it in half. Plus it's messy--you can't rake locust leaves. And it drops branches like crazy, too. See above.

That's not to say that I don't want any trees in the yard, but I want to choose what kind and where they go.

Anyway, the branch looks like this now.

B probably wants to save it for firewood, so I'll have to strip off all the little branches with leaves and find a place to put the bare wood that will keep it try.

Last, but not least, I filled in some of the holes Miss Kojak loves to dig. B calls these ankle breakers, and I thought probably the meter man would appreciate it if they went away.

There she is going over to dig them back up. Seriously, that's the first thing she did when I turned my back.

Looking at the state of Kojak's side of the yard, I'm thinking a rototiller and perhaps some sod is in order. A lot of things are in order out here, but I'll be lucky to get to half of them. Spending the money on sod when its sole purpose is a dog's toilet seems a little silly, so I probably won't get to it. I can dream, though.

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  1. Ha ! Working in the yard is now a requirement for me too, now that we have a yard!! I keep my puppy inside its own yard because she'd dig everything up too!! We also have big plans for our yard next spring, we are just getting the hang of things!\
    So, why do branches fall from the trees? Are they dry?
    Take care,