Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Painted pumpkins

Nothing major today, as I'm trying to finish up Halloween and ORC stuff, but I thought I'd share a project that I more or less finished this weekend.

Baby Girl and Mr. Man have no interest in carving pumpkins, so we painted theirs. Yaya's is the orange one. He actually wanted his painted red (he said black at first, which I really liked because the acrylic paint gives an awesome matte finish) and then to carve it, but I told him to carve it first. He and B will do that this week, probably Wednesday.

You can see the finish here. I love it. Still haven't managed to capture the color right, but I took these pictures in late afternoon so that's why.

I like how the paint shows off the texture of the pumpkin, too. This is one layer of gold paint on the dots. I just freehanded those, and I like them but they need probably four more coats of paint to really be solid. That probably won't happen.

No pheasant feathers yet, but I think they're on sale this week at Hobby Lobby. Like I need to spend more money there.

I'm off to sew curtains and bedding. ORC day is coming up really soon; I need to get busy. Two weeks left after this, I think.

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