Friday, October 25, 2013

Weekend weekend weekend

Didn't I just write a weekend post? I'm not sure why time seems to be going so fast lately; usually that only happens when I'm doing fun things. Of course, I am under a deadline, so that could be it.

This weekend I have two goals: finish the rat cage and work on my terrarium. If I get more done, like all of Yaya's bedding, that'll be a bonus.

If I have time, I'd also like to make something pumpkin-containing. Maybe these cookies.

No pistachios in mine, though. I assume that's what the green things are; I've never had one. Pumpkin stuff is tricky around here; B doesn't like pumpkin so it's basically up to me and the kids to eat them. While I have no problem eating them, I do feel that eating cookies instead of regular meals is not ideal. I still do it, I just know it's not the best choice. As long as I'm aware, right?

There's also the classic pumpkin bar with cream cheese frosting.

Great, now I can't decide. I may be forced to make both. It will be a hardship.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend!

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