Thursday, November 14, 2013

Angled miniature bricks

I'm sure someone out there has come up with an easier way to do this, but this is my way for cutting bricks to go around an angled corner.

I needed bricks to fit my hipped chimney. I started by cutting a piece of paper roughly 1/4" wide, which is the finished measurement of my miniature bricks. Lay it on the space you are making a brick for, keeping a little gap between it and the brick next to it for your grout line. Bend it at the edge to get your angle.

I cut it along the angle using the Xacto knife, then I held each piece where I wanted it with poster putty. I also used a little bit of putty to hold them together so I could keep the shape when I peeled it off. I colored it in with pencil so you could see it better.

Take your paper off and trace it onto egg carton. I had to adjust the height to make each side the same, and this is actually a little more than 1/4". I just trimmed it down after I cut it out. I also traced a second one so I had a template for the rest of the bricks.

Flip your brick over and score along your angled fold line with the back of your Xacto knife. I also traced this with mechanical pencil to show the line better.

Glued in place.

Now to do this half a dozen more times. I plan on using the same template and just adjusting the length of the longer arm.

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