Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday miscellaneous

Another day spent more or less couch-bound. I think the worst part might be that when I wake up I don't have any pain for a few minutes, and I'm fooled into thinking I might be able to move normally. HA.

I did a little painting and bricking today.

The radio will not stay orange and the stair spindles will not stay yellow. You can see in the background that the chimney is almost done; I'd like to get it bricked and painted, and grout it and the fireplace this weekend.

I also did a little bit of work on Baby Girl's broken rocker.

It's developed quite the tilt. It seems to be fixable, but I need hardware, so I'll post about it on Monday.

I'm going to go take an ibuprofen left over from my pregnancy with Baby Girl. I imagine it's not doing anything, but I don't have anything else besides hydrocodone (left over from my C-section with Baby Girl) and that just seems excessive.

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