Monday, November 25, 2013

Minor craftiness update

This was one of those weekends. Last week Yaya fell on some playground equipment and hurt his knee. The next day it was all swollen up, so we took him to the doctor. They thought he might have dented his tibia (which I did not know you could do), but he just bruised it. The rest of the weekend was one of those where you're just putting out fires: the dog keeps jumping over the fence and going to visit the dogs across the street and we discovered that some mice have decided to bunk with us, which led to me having a meltdown of sorts--I don't do vermin.

Anyway, my back is still not at 100%, so I tried to just do easy stuff this weekend. I made a quick crochet hook roll and worked on the blanket I'm making for my sister.

Crappy picture, but the later in the day it gets, the more my back hurts, and I took this after the kids were in bed. I also made Baby Girl a slipper, but she wandered off with it. It's a little big. I stupidly made the slipper with the wrong size hook (one size bigger) and so it'll probably fit her in a year or so. I think I'll make a pair in the right size and then finish the too-big pair for later.

Also, I found out that my sister is not due in the spring, as I had thought, but in a week and a half. Surprise! In my defense, I haven't physically seen her in something like six months. She works nights and sleeps during the day, so we're basically on opposite schedules. I'm going to try and get the blanket done as soon as I can, hopefully before the baby is walking.

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