Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New couch project

I am officially done with the One Room Challenge; all that's left is to write the post. I have many other projects started, but I like to have what I call a couch project--something I can do while sitting on the couch. I can sew for a little bit during the day with Baby Girl in the toy room, but sometimes she doesn't want to be in there and sometimes I don't want to sew. DIY is naptimes, after bed, and weekends only. So anyway, crochet, knitting, or embroidery usually works best for couch projects, and since I have a ton of yarn around right now I thought I'd start with crochet. My sister and sister-in-law are both currently pregnant, one with a boy due and one TBD, so baby gifts are in order. I really liked the Blackberry Salad blanket, but wanted something with fewer color changes. There are tons of options, though, and it's taking me a while to decide.

I thought about some type of granny square.

But, despite how much I like the last one, I decided I wanted something that would stay all in one piece. Plus I still have to deal with all the color changes with granny squares.

I thought about doing a plain stitch pattern.

Or a pattern like these.

I really like that last one, and maybe I could adjust it to use fewer colors. I think it's definitely between the last two. Maybe I'll make one of each.

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