Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

I hope everyone had a great holiday/Wednesday. Things were pretty low-key for us. We decided to cut down on presents this year. Last year I had a hard time finding stuff to keep everything equal, and this year (and last year) I felt like we already had something similar to every new toy we could afford.

Christmas morning.

We started off with Baby Girl throwing a fit. She hasn't been sleeping well or eating well, and she's got a cold and is teething. Poor baby.

Mr. Man opening one of his books. He got a lot of books this year because that's what he wanted. This is part of the "No, David" series by David Shannon.

Not interested at all.

Apparently Gushers are better than Minnie.

A lot of what Yaya got was video games. You can see that he loved them.

The one and only present she unwrapped.

Yaya got wrapping paper stuck to his foot and wanted me to take a picture. I obliged.

Candy! Hershey's chocolate Santa.

That afternoon we went up to my parents' house for Christmas. We were looking at the tree and, since my mom was in the room, Hammy was lying under the tree looking all cute. She asked me to get a picture of him and backed up so I could, then he got up and followed her.

She tried to steal presents even though she still didn't want to open them.


Tired baby. More fun to sit on Mommy's legs and read a book.

There's not many pictures of Yaya and Mr. Man because most of them are blurry like this. Christmas excitement turned them into Tasmanian devils.

Now for an abrupt change of subject. Sadly, on Christmas day my uncle passed away. His wife passed away earlier this year, and they say that's how these things go. I'm glad he's no longer in pain, but I wish that my grandma and my uncle's siblings didn't have to experience this. My aunt died in a car accident two years ago, so my grandma has outlived her husband and two children. I miss them all.

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