Wednesday, December 11, 2013


A few weeks ago, I came across this site while looking for toddler activities. These are all fantastic ideas (I need to pick up more pipe cleaners), but I was drawn to the egg sorting idea. This was mostly because I had just found an old Playskool Counting Eggs carton in a box of toys. I know at least some of the eggs are still around, but I couldn't find all of them.

In the original post, she used plastic Easter eggs. This is a good idea, but mine were at the back of the storage area and I knew where I had a dozen paper mache eggs from Hobby Lobby. I even got them on sale.

I painted them with acrylic paint, then Mod Podged them for durability. It took a lot longer than it sounds like it would take, mostly because it was hard to find places to put them to dry where they weren't rolling all over the place. I got it done, though.

Unloading all the eggs.

Mr. Man helping her put them all back in the carton.

He wanted her to leave them until Easter because he says they're Easter eggs. He was OK with it after I explained that they were toys, too.

She's been sitting next to me for twenty minutes unloading and reloading the eggs. Every once in a while I list the colors as she touches each egg, even though she usually gives me dirty looks when I try to interfere with her play time. Alright then, Baby Girl. I get the message.

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