Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Floor sprucing

The finish on the bedroom floors upstairs was over forty years old when we moved in, and it was close to its last leg. Three kids sped that process up, though, and it's definitely due for a total refinish. But I can't do that--I don't have the money, the time, or a place to stay while the house gets unstinky. So I figured the next best thing was to do a little touching up.

I decided to start in Yaya's room. When I finished his room last month, I put down a rug that I painted for his room.

It was an indoor/outdoor rug, which meant it didn't have any sort of backing to hold it in place on the floor. I used double-sided carpet tape, which I knew would not be good for the finish, but I figured it was already crap in some places anyway so what's the harm? Turns out double-sided carpet tape is no match for two boys who never walk. So the rug came up and left spots like this.

I remembered seeing on Pinterest that vegetable oil and baking soda made homemade Goo Gone, so I poured a little oil on and sprinkled baking soda over it, then scrubbed it with 4-O steel wool. It took forever, but it came up.

For all the scrubbing this took--close to half an hour for just these two spots--I think I'll buy a bottle of real Goo Gone.

In addition to the spots where the finish was gone or completely worn through, there were spots like this.

This is my first time experimenting with floor refinishing, so I decided to just jump in and start doing things. First I sanded the floor to try and get something close to an even surface. I tried to sand only to the edges of boards to help things blend in better, but these are narrow boards so that didn't work out too well.

Here it is sanded.

And here it is with one coat of Minwax Golden Oak stain.

I don't know how I feel about this. I'm not super happy with it. My biggest complaint is that the gray spots that went away after sanding are back. I suppose I should think of that as patina; if I wanted perfect I would figure out a way to completely refinish the floor. I need to figure out what the floor finish is and add a layer here, but I don't know if that will even things out completely or if it will still look so worn. I might sand it again (I'll buy a new package of sanding pads because I have no idea what grit I used for this) and do two more coats of stain and a coat of finish to see if it looks better. It doesn't look worse than before, so that's something.

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  1. Have you considered painting a pattern on the floors? Maybe with different stains, or maybe with some ...paint??:)