Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday finance

This is what I did yesterday and what I'll be doing today.

Yep, school has started. Both of the classes I'm doing this semester are online, which is good because I do not have daycare and now I don't have to get it.

The book above is for a personal finance class; I worked on it for two hours last night and got through fourteen pages. I like to write lots of notes, which slows me down. I had nine pages when I stopped for a hand-uncramping break.

The other class is more or less about learning Microsoft Office, which I'm reasonably proficient in, the college's online class system, which I'm not at all familiar with but which is easy enough, and writing a research paper, which I probably need a refresher on twelve years after graduating high school. I guess I did go to college for a few years after high school, so I'm only a decade out of practice.

Better get back to it. Dozens of pages of notes aren't going to write themselves.

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  1. I'm so impressed! Good for you. I keep saying that I need to learn Power Point....yes, I am a dinosaur.