Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye, 2013

I'm still a little surprised that 2013 is over in one day. I mean, I guess I feel like a whole year has passed, if I look back and try to remember the beginning of it. It must have been a good year if I feel like it went fast.

In January, I started remodeling the bathroom, and it fought me every step of the way. It's still fighting me. We'll be remodeling it again in 2014. Nothing is ever finished.

January was also a fun shopping month--a Barbie house for Baby Girl and a dollhouse for me. Eventually I'll get around to redoing both.

Work on the bathroom continued in February. I also decided to tag along on Linda's One Room Challenge (it wasn't open to everyone yet) and redo our master bedroom. February was also the month we got Bill.

Baby Girl also celebrated her first birthday, and her first birthday party.

Her hair was so short.

I know I haven't mentioned this on the blog, but Bill is gone. We don't know where he is. I wrote about him running out the door back in late July. He continued doing it off and on--most of the time he couldn't get past us. One day he got out and just never came back. I like to think that some other family took him in. We still miss him, but I hope he's happy where he is.

Ok. March. I worked on the floor in the master bedroom. I also changed out the hardware in the kitchen, which made a huge difference. I also made a fantastic purchase. The master bedroom makeover was kind of finished. Last but not least, we got our two original rats, Sirius and Regulus.

April started out with Easter.

Bathroom work continued, but I got the flooring started in the entry. I finished off the month by starting yet another project: painting the basement.

In May, we built a fire pit. If anyone was concerned or wondering, it's still in fantastic shape. No exploding concrete. I also started stripping a dresser, and I'm still not done with that. Kojak also joined our family.

I built a wire shelving rat cage in June. Craftiness continued as I made a fabric dollhouse with armchair and two bow-tie onesie and bootie sets.

We headed south for Father's Day weekend.

In July I FINALLY finished the bathroom, just in time for us to put the house on the market.

I bought another dollhouse in August, and did some quick laundry room decorating (that did nothing to make it more cheery down there). After zero interest for almost a month and school about to start, we officially decided to take the house off the market and rescind our offer on a house we loved. I thought about what I'd change if we stayed, and I really want to make that happen this year. We also got Spike the hamster and three more rats (Rude Pete, Chester Rattington and Blue) from the animal shelter.

The boys continued to grow despite my dislike of it; they are now in the second and fourth grades.

Mr. Man and Yaya both celebrated birthdays in September (and I forgot to write Yaya a birthday post; sorry, buddy). And me, but I forget about that one a lot, although this year I did buy myself my domain name as a gift. We had a low key birthday party for the boys.

October marked the return of the One Room Challenge, now with a linky party. We painted some pumpkins for Halloween.

Halloween came and we had tons of fun.

November brought the end of the One Room Challenge, and Yaya and I love the finished space.

We also took some fall pictures. I need to get better about watermarking.

Spike the Hamster left us in November.

I started yet another project in December and started stripping the stairs. We also added yet another pet to the menagerie.

We rounded out the month with a fun Christmas.

Here we come, 2014! My goals for this year: do not buy any more pets, open up the wall between the living room and kitchen, and do more crafty stuff by myself and with the kids. Oh, and try and finish projects within two months of starting them, and not start so many new projects when tons of stuff is still unfinished. That one's going to take more than a year, I think.

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