Friday, December 13, 2013

Lazy winterizing

Yay, another post about how leaky my house is. You know how they say that if you add up all the gaps in your house, that's how big of a hole you could have in the side of your house? I think mine is probably at least the equivalent of an eight foot by ten foot wall.

Tonight I did a little more work on the basement. B was complaining about air leaking around the insulation between the joists in the basement, so I tried to cover the ones I could reach with plastic. I didn't have a lot of time--I have to learn about income taxes this week--and I also didn't have many staples. I got a few spaces done, though.

He said the air was really coming out around the plumbing stack, so I tried to cover that one up. Obviously my solution--and handiwork--is not perfect.

You can't see it, but before the insulation was in front of the pipe. I tried to cut it to fit around the pipe a little better, and it does. I also put a little piece behind and underneath the pipe to try and block any air coming in that way.

I also did the best I could to cover one of the uncovered windows by stapling plastic to the sill plate. I couldn't get to the other one, but when I clear a path I'll do the same until we get the trim up. Better than nothing, right?

I really wish I were almost done with all this. Sadly, I know there's still a lot left to do. I hope I can get it all done before winter is over.

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