Friday, December 20, 2013

This year's teacher gifts

I have been less than motivated for a few months. The way I work, if I get overwhelmed I completely shut down. If I have too many things to do at once, I will stop doing as many of them as I can. If I have a project that I want done by a certain date and I think I can't get it finished by that date, I will stop working on it. All this is to say that I have been thinking about teacher gifts for over a month but I haven't done anything about them because I've been unable to force myself to make a decision. I couldn't decide what to do, so I procrastinated and did nothing. Normally I bake, but this year we have Kojak and now Zelda, so I worry about dog hair getting into the food. (And Kojak's hair does get into EVERYTHING. We haven't had Zelda long enough to know if her hair is the same.)

Last night I realized that today was the kids' last school day before Christmas vacation and whatever I did for gifts, I needed to do it ASAP. No more time to procrastinate. I took a page from Rebecca and ran to Target to get boxes of white fudge-covered Oreos. I looked for other boxed cookies while I was there, but they were either expensive or just didn't look good to me. They were having a sale on Pepperidge Farm cookies, but they were out of the regular Milanos, which are also not boxed.

To start.

Like my plywood work surface?

One down.

I added a gift card and an ornament. The ornaments were five for $5, which was at least $3 overpriced. I had to tie the ornament string on and it unraveled as soon as you touched it, and then I couldn't actually put them on a hard surface because even touching the table scratched the finish. They're cute, though, so that's a plus.

And done.

I have to figure out how to get these to school. I think it's going to involve me going up there. Ugh. Their traffic situation is terrible and I'm lazy.

Alright, one set of gifts down, one to go.

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