Friday, January 17, 2014

Five day weekend

This is what I've been hearing from Yaya all day. Five day weekend! Five day weekend! And then we get to hear about how we're so terrible for making him do chores on his "vacation." I wish I could just declare a day my vacation day and not do anything. I mean, I have declared days my vacation days before, but it never worked. Just like it doesn't work for him.

Anyway, nothing new to report other than it is cold and windy here, so windy that the basketball hoop fell over and would have fallen on the van today had I not been picking my niece up from school. I'm not sure how much damage it would have done, but it's not something I'm eager to find out. I moved all the patio furniture up against the garage, which I needed to do anyway, and I hope none of it blows away. It started snowing last night so maybe it'll look like winter again soon.

Here's a picture of Baby Girl looking like Pebbles Flintstone to kick off your weekend.

Happy Friday!

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