Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday funday

Time for the weekend! We're going to a birthday party tomorrow, and after that I need to finish planning Baby Girl's party that will be happening in two weeks. Here's a sneak peek of that.

Barbie's getting some new clothes.

I would have been further along on that, but B got a promotion at work (YAYYYYY!) and we went out to celebrate. Barbie can wait until tomorrow.

Zelda had her first vet appointment today. I know, I know. She's three months old and we are way overdue. We got her while the kids were on Christmas vacation, so I wanted to wait until they were back in school. I overshot it a little bit.

She didn't mind. Kojak was not pleased with how Zelda smelled when she came back, but you can see she got over it. They're fighting over a bone, because of course they always have to have the same thing at the same time. They're my second and third toddlers.

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a good weekend!

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