Friday, January 10, 2014

It's Friday again

I'll be honest, this one snuck up on me. I think I'm still on vacation time. The kids didn't go back until Tuesday (Monday was canceled because of cold), then had early out on Wednesday. I'm not totally back on track yet. Of course, I haven't really been on track since we moved into this house.

In that vein, I've been trying to get a little organization done around here. One of my big problems with organization is figuring out exactly what I need to organize. I know that papers are my big problem, but when I look at them most of the time I can't really say where they should go--some of them are school papers that can be thrown away, and I have a place for papers I want to keep, but sometimes there are papers that don't fit into any category. Those are frustrating. I bought a file box for Mr. Man's IEPs and related paperwork, and I've bought some fridge folders for...I don't know exactly what. I think I read once that that's a symptom of chronic disorganization: you're constantly buying organization supplies but you're not really sure what you'll be organizing with them.

Anyway, there are no pictures right now because you know me, I have half a dozen organization projects going at once and nothing finished yet. I need to dig into the garage and get the sheet of pegboard that lives waaaay in the back, behind all the junk. That will help me finish one project up, so that leaves fifty or so to go. I aim for completion by 2017.

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