Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lightening the load

I've had a fairly productive few days of decluttering. For months I've been fantasizing about just taking all extra junk laying around and throwing it away, and I finally decided that that wasn't out of the realm of possibility. If stuff in a pile hasn't been used or even looked at in months, it's probably not worth keeping, or at the very least not worth keeping on the counter.

After getting rid of four bags of old clothes that had been waiting to be donated for at least a month, and throwing away three bags of junk yesterday and two today, I started on this spot.

This is the counter next to the refrigerator. The bag in front is dishes that we've borrowed from my mom and need to be returned. Behind that is a pile of papers including coloring supplies, an IEP, random school papers, and expired coupons. The cardboard thing is--was--my mail holder. The left is mail that needs to be filed or shredded, the right is current bills, and the back is scrap paper. However, we pay 99% of our bills online now, and having something take up that much space for shredding-in-waiting and scrap paper is silly. We don't have enough counter space for that. So I took a few hours while Baby Girl was sleeping and cleaned it out.

I threw away pretty much all of what was in there, and for the very few things that actually needed to be filed, I put them in the new file box I bought the other day.

I also got out the old file box, threw away 75% of that paper, and put the papers into the new box. And now my counter looks like this.

Don't mind the tray color; it's older than Yaya and has developed quite a patina, especially since we use it every day. I'm glad we have space for it on the counter now.

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