Monday, January 13, 2014

New vintage store shopping

I found a new vintage store this week, Imaginarium. It's kind of a cross between an antique mall and a regular vintage store, with tons of awesome stuff. Also, free popcorn and coffee. I didn't get any pictures there, but we did find some great stuff. First, B found this figure he absolutely had to have, Howling Mad Murdock from The A-Team.

There was a whole rack of cute little girl clothes, but some of them needed a little TLC and were super cheap. You know I gravitated toward those. The most expensive of these was $3, and we got 20% off for some reason or another. There must have been a sale I didn't notice.

I took an hour to sew some loose seams and redo some hems that had come out. All of them were handstitched hems except the pink and white one. These are all unwashed. There were no sizes in them so I had to guess at which ones would fit her. I didn't do a very good job, but she'll have some cute stuff when she's five.

This is the only one that had any sort of tag in it. I think it says Bunny Lee, but I'll have to double check once they're done soaking.

I'm not sure if this one is vintage or homemade, but it's cute. I love rick rack.

I love the little belt on this one. It's also the closest to fitting her, probably because even though all the dresses have belt loops, this was the only one that still had its belt.

This was the shortest but also the biggest. It's got a very generous hem--probably four inches if I had to guess--so that can be let down later.

I also found a cute vintage paint-by-number (I think) ballerina. I love vintage paint-by-numbers but I never find any cute ones, so I grabbed that.

We also found a tape player for the Mickey Mouse and Friends tapes we got Baby Girl a month or so ago. I would really love to find a console with a tape player, but those are apparently pretty rare. If only we'd bought Mickey Mouse eight tracks instead.

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