Monday, January 6, 2014


This weekend I got an urge I haven't gotten in a long time: I wanted to move furniture. Before I was married, I rearranged my furniture all the time. Even when we were first married I rearranged a lot, because we lived in a big house that wasn't too difficult as far as room layout--there was a door in, a door out, and a few windows and it was really nice. After that, each place we lived was not easy for furniture rearrangement, with one or, if we were lucky, two places to put large furniture. Our mobile home was open plan, which I liked, but that meant you can choose to put your couch on the right wall or the left wall and nothing else.

Then we moved here. The furniture arrangement in the living room has seen a few changes, but here's where we were Saturday morning. This is a true before picture.

Books and toys, books and toys. Sorry for the extreme blueness; my white balance obviously wasn't set right. Anyway, you can see that the room felt very crowded. It doesn't look so bad here, but add two more kids, a husband, a cat, and two big dogs and things start to feel claustrophobic fast. I liked this arrangement at first, but lately it had started to feel stagnant. Part of the problem is the railing; most of the time when I see split level living rooms, the couch or some piece of seating is up against the railing. I don't trust my kids not to take a header off the back of the couch in that situation, though. So basically our living room has one big blank space where you can't really put most furniture.

And here we are this morning.

Just noticed that curtain. Oops. I decided to angle the couch in the corner because I wanted to move it and there wasn't anywhere else for it to go. I wanted a new couch before and now I really do; there's a good nine inches of wasted space from the giant curved arms. There's a lot of space behind the couch, but there's not much I can do about it right now.

The sofa table moved over to the railing.

Baby Girl has never tried to climb on the sofa table, so I think we're OK here. I also like having this out in the open because we can pull the wooden chair over and have a place to do homework or art or whatever. The toys are more or less corralled under there, although I need to go through them and move some stuff back to the toy room. The lamp will probably not be staying there, but I didn't have a side table for the other end of the couch so I needed it to go somewhere. I'd like to get a floor lamp for back there.

The chairs and the TV are in the same place, but I like how the angles of the chairs and the couch echo each other now.

I was hoping to find a new piece of furniture to go under the TV this weekend, but I struck out. The higher piece looks nice with the height of the chairs and the sofa table for now. If that top part with the sliding doors weren't there everything on that side of the room, not counting the TV, would be pretty much the same height. I wish it were about four inches shorter, though. I'll just have to keep that in mind for when I do buy a new one.

I also need something for that corner. Probably a side table and lamp, but there should be something tall back there. That corner gets no light, so a plant is out. I'll think about it for a few more years and decide.

I'm really hoping to finally get the chairs and benches reupholstered this year. Maybe even in the first half!

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