Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday links

The end of another week! This weekend I have a final project from school to finish up, then I'm done. At least, done with this semester.

I haven't gotten much done. We started the week off with a few sick kids, which lasted until Wednesday. Since then it's just been cleaning and routine stuff around here, and me becoming obsessed with trying to figure out if we can add on a dining room. The foundation is proving tricky to figure out; the house being a split level might mean post and pier, but that's not really the best choice, especially since I know our foundation moves. I mean, obviously the main foundation would be fixed before this happens. But if it moved once, that makes me think it's more likely to move again, or at least allow things attached to it to move.

Anyway, I've come across some things over the past few weeks that I wanted to share. First, I found these pictures of Ch√Ęteau Miranda. Looking at pictures like these physically hurts me. Old houses left to rot make me crazy; I wish I could save them all, or even just one.

The story, as he outlines it here, is that the castle was commissioned in 1866 and finished in 1907. It was occupied by the Germans for a short time during World War II, then became a holiday camp for ill children in 1950. The owners tried to convert it into a hotel in the '90s, but couldn't find financing and could no longer afford the upkeep. It was abandoned in 1991 and has fallen into disrepair due to fire, storms, and the owner stripping the architectural elements. According to the site, the owners refuse to sell and have applied to demolish it. Poor house.

The first full Guardians of the Galaxy trailer came out this week, and being part of a houseful of video game/ comic book/ scifi nerds, I've watched this about a dozen times.

If you like to read, I recently came across XOXO After Dark (I think through Sabrina Jeffries' Facebook page) where you can read a free book for thirty days. According to their site they have several genres of books, including women's fiction, romance, suspense, and urban fantasy. If you're not into the really racy stuff (not my thing, either), they have a heat meter to tell you how explicit things get.

Finally, I haven't tried this Monterey Chicken yet, but I've heard several rave reviews about it. So the next time I go to the store--tomorrow or we're eating panko breadcrumbs and canned tuna for dinner--I'm going to grab the stuff and give it a try. (Sorry, can't get the picture to work.)

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