Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday miscellaneous

We spent the weekend doing random stuff--cleaning, buying stuff for Baby Girl's birthday party, etc. The kids don't have school today for teacher inservice or something. I'm not sure why they wouldn't let them have next Monday (President's Day) off, but I don't make the rules.

I wanted to get the stuff to make some party decorations and I needed flowers and styrofoam balls. I don't buy fake flowers so I didn't realize how expensive they were, but it was like $12 for four flowers at Hobby Lobby. Even though they were 50% off, there's no way that that's doable for me. I'm too cheap. So I painted some tissue paper and I'm going to cut some petals tomorrow. Thanks to Pinterest I've amassed quite a few "make paper flower" tutorials, but I don't think it will be that hard. Famous last words, right?

Changing subjects. Baby Girl woke up with hair like this today.

Apologies for the blur; my camera battery went dead right after I took it.

It's crazy to think that she's going to be two in two days. She talks now. It's weird; I've never had a two-year-old that talked. Yaya just didn't (although he's making up for lost time now), and of course Mr. Man had the "standard" autism progression, where he said a few words and then lost his speech. He didn't really start talking until he was four, and he was probably five or close to it when he got to the level Baby Girl's at now--three word sentences, phrases, etc. It's so adorable to see her run to the railing when B gets home from work and yell "It's Daddy!" Today when she woke up from her nap, I asked her what she wanted for a snack and she said "macaroni and cheese." (She got Cheerios.) I have no idea if she's normal, ahead, behind, whatever--I stopped looking at that stuff a long time ago. But it blows me away every day.

I think we'll be spending today making Valentine's boxes for the boys' parties. They bought boxes when we were at Hobby Lobby this weekend; Yaya picked the bigger chest shown here.

I have no idea how he's going to paint it. I think gluing fake coins and jewels in the bottom would be pretty awesome, but we'd have to figure out a place to get those; Dollar Tree probably has something. Should have grabbed those when we got the box. Oops. So far he's been using it to carry around a pack of those little rubber bands kids make bracelets out of now. Wonder Bands? I want to say Silly Bands, but that was the fad a few years ago. He doesn't have the loom, but he commandeered two of my crochet hooks to make his own. He made B a Broncos bracelet; I still have to decide on my bracelet colors.

Mr. Man got this one.

It's much bigger than 3 1/4", but they didn't have that one online. I don't know what to do with it. He really doesn't have a big opinion on this stuff, but we'll sit down with the paint box and figure it out.

Are you making a Valentine box this year? Yaya's kindergarten dragon box is still my all-time favorite, I think. And the biggest. I'm still working on convincing one of them to make a giant '80s-style boombox where you put the Valentines in through the tape decks. My day will come.

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  1. Your cute!! Her hair is the max!!:) Can t wait to see how you.paint the boxes!:)