Friday, March 28, 2014

Coat closet organization

Spring is coming! I know this because I suddenly have the energy to do projects again, instead of sitting around and bemoaning the fact that I haven't done anything in a week and not having any sort of motivation to change that. But the last few days I have been working, at least when my sinuses haven't been torturing me. That's another way I know that spring is coming.

I've been lamenting the state of the coat closet for a while. I clean and organize it a few times a year, and I hung some hooks up in it way back in 2010. The biggest problem, besides people just throwing coats in the bottom instead of hanging them up, was the abundance of gloves and hats. In the past, I hung a tote bag on a hanger and put all the gloves and hats in there, and if you wanted something you just dug for it. Needless to say, it wasn't a great system.

Then, while trying to find a solution for another storage problem, I came across this post. She used an over-the-door shoe holder to organize her winter stuff. It was a Eureka! moment for me. So today, while Baby Girl was napping, I took a few minutes and dealt with the closet. Sorry for the odd angles; the hall and my lens are too narrow to get a straight-on shot of the closet.

First to go was the hook board. The boys really didn't use it for backpacks anymore, and their coats are too long to hang on the hooks. Unscrewed the screws, used a utility knife to score the paint along the top, and voila. No more hooks. After that, it was just a matter of organizing.

About the peel and stick: I thought about putting laminate in here, but decided that, with all the wet boots and such that would be in here during the winter, I'd rather go with peel and stick. I have the boot tray, but unsurprisingly no one uses it. I figured better safe than sorry.

The hangers that came with the organizer wouldn't allow the door to close, so I used cup hooks. I just kept them as close to the top as I could since it's a hollow core door. If I were putting anything heavy in the bags I would probably screw a 1x4 into the top edge of the door, but I didn't want to do that if I didn't have to. It would mean removing and cutting the door stop, which makes it not a quick and easy naptime project.

I'll need to repaint the door, but I needed to do that anyway. I tried to keep the winter stuff toward the top and the baseball caps and work gloves at the bottom. I still have a few empty spaces for anything else that needs to go in there. We do need more work gloves.

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