Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I bought a new old couch

A long time ago, I didn't buy a couch that I loved because we had a relatively new couch (the brown one) that I hated. It sat in the thrift store for months, and when I finally made up my mind that I was going to buy it, it was gone. I decided not to pass up the next awesome vintage couch I found. That was a year ago and the right couch hadn't crossed my path. However, B had Monday off and we went to a new thrift store. It's actually the second location of a store we go to that usually has a few decent furniture pieces but no decent prices. We found a lot of great vintage pieces and great prices at this location, though. And when I saw this couch, I was in love.

The upholstery is in almost perfect condition; I have to assume this thing spent a few decades under plastic or in a room no one was allowed to go into. And thank you for that, previous owner. I hope my children don't destroy it too quickly.

In addition to the fantastic upholstery, it's got great details. This is the arm.

And here's the curved edge on the back.

Also, you can't see them because I haven't taken the skirt off yet, but it's on brass casters. And like I said when I rearranged the living room, this couch is about the same length as the other one, but because it doesn't have the big rolled arms it takes up much less space in the room. B didn't believe me until he had to get a diaper out of the basket in the bookcase behind the couch. He used to climb completely behind the couch to get them; now he can just reach over.

To me, this is a forever couch. If the upholstery gets ruined or if I get tired of it (not likely; I love it and I think solid-colored couches are generally boring), it's worth paying to get it reupholstered. I've never done that. It will up my investment of $50 and two hours of drive/moving time significantly, but for a couch that will probably last literally the rest of my life, I think it's worth it.

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