Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I hope this is my last toy room organization post

Because seriously, guys. I am so over organizing this room. Cleaning up, I don't mind. But I have to start from scratch in here every three or four months and it's driving me nuts.

When we bought the new old couch, our plan was to put the big brown couch in our bedroom, to replace the loveseat we have in there. Mr. Man wakes up in the middle of the night and goes down to our room most nights, and he's pretty much outgrown the loveseat so we thought the longer couch would be nice. However, after much twisting and turning and almost wedging it in place a few times, we faced the fact that the couch was not going through that door. It was just too big to make the turn. So we put it in B's man cave, under the shelf along the side wall. I thought it was fine there, but B didn't like it, I guess. He wanted to put it in front of the Wii, which would have meant you had to sit on the couch about two feet from the Wii to play, and it would have meant my new sewing niche was absolutely useless.

Tangent: in every single house we've lived in where I had a sewing room or area, I have had to constantly fight to have it not filled up with random junk. The sewing room in the back here is only the most current example; while a lot of that is my stuff, if B moves something from somewhere he will just randomly toss it back there. If I wanted to sew I usually had to move a two-foot pile of stuff off my desk. He did that a few times when I first moved the desk to the toy room, but I yelled at him and it seems to have stopped. For now.

Anyway, I told him that in no way would that couch be going in front of the Wii. So he shoved it in the back of the toy room, moved Baby Girl's toys over to my side of the room, and took the gate down. See what I mean about having to constantly fight for my space? This is the way he left it.

The stove is actually under the side of my sewing desk. I want to keep Baby Girl away from the sharp pointy things I keep in that area, so obviously it couldn't stay there.

B's been saying for months that we should go through the toys and get rid of a lot of them. And he's not wrong, but every time I started to sort through them, he'd mix up my piles, move stuff around, and just generally wreck all my work. So I was not thrilled about starting again. He promised not to touch any toys I may move around this time, and I can't use my sewing room as it is right now, so I figured I might as well eat the frog and get it done.

This is the point at which I started feeling overwhelmed. As you can see, it was about ten minutes in.

Three episodes of "Disappeared" (aka "The Boyfriend Did It," since I was watching season five) later, I had a reasonably clean room.

This is pretty much what she plays with, plus the refrigerator.

I didn't really get rid of that many toys, but the ones I did take out were big, so it made a bigger impact. We have two small and two large bins of toys left: one large one is pretty much entirely action figures and toy animals, and the other is Mega Bloks and balls. The small ones are Duplo and various train sets. I'm hoping all the sorting sticks, and that I can get away with not going through them again for another few years. I know that's not going to happen, but I can always hope.

Have you organized any toys lately? Have any tips for me?

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