Monday, March 24, 2014

Making room

So I accomplished no outdoor work this weekend. Most of the time it was barely above freezing, which did not surprise me at all. I started planning another project, though, which required me to rearrange the living room.

When we bought the new couch, it took up much less space, but it didn't quite fit at the same angle I had the old one. So that's kind of been bothering me. Then I started rearranging the living room for a new piece that will go over by the railing. I decided to move the chairs and the sofa table against the common kitchen wall even though I had a sneaking suspicion that wouldn't work well.

I was right. Also, can you see that the chairs block about a third of the couch? You can still get to that end, but you have to take a sharp left.

I moved the sofa table to the dining room, where it now functions as a plant table (yay, no more plants on the dining room table) and put the chairs against the wall. Better, but the sofa was still bothering me. I took a break to fold some laundry, fix a pair of Mr. Man's pants, and make dinner. Then I came back and decided the best option was just to put the couch back under the window.

This isn't my favorite spot, only because the vent is under the window. Every single couch we've had in front of the window has slid back when sat on and covered the vent, and I can only assume this one, on wheels, will be the same or worse. Guess I'll just move it back like I do everything else. Maybe the front legs being on the rug will help things.

We'll be building a big entertainment center next month to hold that wooden thing next to the current entertainment center. I made B grab it off the curb one day, thinking I could make it into a bookcase for Baby Girl's living room book collection. (She has a bookcase in her room, but we keep the most popular books out in the living room.) But he decided it would be perfect for this wheel/shifter/pedal set he has for computer driving games, so he claimed it. That's OK; it was a little too deep to be perfect for a bookcase.

The other side of the room.

I'm keeping the other piece a secret for now, but I'll be posting about it the first week of April. Baby Girl will have to find a new spot for her toy stash.


  1. Why not put something behind the feet of the couch and the wall to keep it from sliding? Like bricks (wrapped in something to protect your floor) or wood scraps? I keep a couple small storage bins behind mine and it's great for hiding things (like non-seasonal decor that I rotate in and out) and keeps the couch away from the wall.

    1. I do need to get something back there. Storage bins are a good idea; Heaven knows I have enough stuff that needs storing. Way back when, the sofa table was back there and our old couch didn't have a skirt, so the air just went under the couch. In theory, anyway. I've tried putting the feet of couches in those little non-skid puck things, but they didn't work very well.