Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mr. Man's room

At first glance, and on comparison to Baby Girl's and Yaya's rooms, it might seem like Mr. Man suffers from middle child syndrome.

I took these at night, so the color is greener than normal.

The thing is, Mr. Man's autism has never been very conducive to lots of decor. I used to keep more stuff in his room, but it got to the point where he couldn't even have a dresser in there because he would empty the drawers. He had a bed frame, but he constantly fell out, so he ended up with a mattress and boxspring on the floor. Basically he ended up with the bare minimum in his room. And Legos. He loves his Legos. Here he is rebuilding a vehicle that I accidentally knocked over. Sorry, bud.

This is the Lego area before, kind of. The three-drawer storage unit is new; I brought it up from the toy room right before I took the pictures. He was using a giant wreath container (bought on clearance at Target last January) to hold his Legos. He wasn't super thrilled about sorting them; he said no several times, in fact. I wish I could give you an after, but we're still sorting. He has a lot of Legos, and as soon as I cleared a space off he built something to fill it back up. That's OK, though; this is a process.

And this was obviously taken the next day. I should have color corrected all the pictures, but I'm lazy.

I kind of wanted to get him a vintage metal bed, but when I found this one for $5 at the thrift store (the same one where we got our new old couch), I couldn't pass it up.

Yes, it's in front of half of his closet. Bedrooms in houses like these can be tricky; they're small and almost every wall has something on it--window, door, closet. In Mr. Man's case, the obvious place to put his bed would be next to the window where his black Lego table is, but he hates being next to the vent, which is centered under the window. He doesn't use his closet, though, so I'm fine with blocking half of it.

I moved his dresser up from our room; I decided to gamble on him being old enough to not empty all the drawers anymore and so far, I've been winning that bet.

The white cube is a Lite Brite-type thing that I also found at a thrift store. I wanted to make this nightlight that I saw on Emily Henderson's site, but for $4 I couldn't pass this up. I need to replace the bulb with something dimmer, and there's no switch on the cord, so I think I'm going to try and fix that. And yes, I know the pictures are hung too high. I'll move them down eventually.

There's a long way to go in here--curtains, for one. Furniture-wise we're probably set; this is a tiny room so not much will fit in here. I am working on getting him down to one Lego table, but like I said, it's a work in progress.

I don't have any sort of schedule to update this room on; just whenever I get things done. I think I'm close to deciding on a curtain fabric, so that will be the next update.

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