Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A bunch of almost nothing

How do you write a cohesive blog post when you've been flitting from project to project, starting many things but finishing none? Well, you don't. Or I don't, at least. Didn't.

I'm still working on the diaper bag--I haven't forgotten. I tried to start it up again, but I forgot that I had bought more lining fabric and hadn't yet washed it. In the meantime, here's the bottom all put together. It goes outer fabric, felt, latch hook canvas, felt.

From the outside.

I wired a light switch.

But the other end isn't attached to anything yet. I'm replacing a pull chain light with a wired light, so I need to take down the old light, take out the old wiring, mount the new junction box, run the new wiring, and wire the new switch. I've done the last two steps, which I'm sure is the right order for electrical work.

While I was waiting for the fabric to dry, I started cleaning the craft room again, which is now really the laundry/storage room. I got this far.

It's only one and a half shelves, but I filled half a trash bag with papers, just from that. Progress! I've watched a few episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive over the past few days, which has made me a lot more willing to let go of old report cards and user manuals.

While I was cleaning, I found these books.

I have no idea where these came from. They just appeared in my basement, like gifts from the book fairy. They're all from the mid-to-late '70s, as far as I can tell. I also found a bunch of old issues of Better Homes and Gardens, but that's not as fun.

I started tearing up the bathroom floor. About halfway through I decided that my best bet was just to replace the subfloor, since they put OSB and particleboard down. Since I'm not planning to put carpet or sheet vinyl in, those are both worthless to me, and in my opinion neither should be in a bathroom in the first place. There goes my quick and easy redo. I mentioned to my mom that we were replacing the subfloor and she said "You should just take the tub out while you're in there." I said NO. NO MORE SNOWBALLING. I WON'T ALLOW IT. Like I have a say in the matter. I don't. You never do in old houses.

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