Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Going outside

It might really be spring this time. I want it to be, at least. We had that one freak snowstorm that comes after some nice weather, and now everything is coming up and the trees are getting leaves again, so I think it's time to think about the yard.

Mr. Man came out to help me take pictures.

The daylilies by the door are coming up nicely. I'll be putting the front sidewalk in that I started and removed last year, so I'll get some mulch around these when I do that.

This is apparently what a hosta looks like when it's coming up. Also pictured: weeds. You'll see a lot of them.

I was worried about this bed. I put it in last year so that the peonies under the cherry tree could get some actual sun. I only got one moved over and it was not super excited to be there. I'm pretty sure it's coming back, though, as are the columbine. And weeds.

These are the peonies I didn't move. I should move them really soon if I'm going to get it done this spring.

Gigantic daylilies in the back.

The sedum is coming up. I might put something else behind there this year. I think there's salvia and coneflower back there, but more coneflower might be in order. Or black-eyed Susan.

Also, we've got a bumper crop of mushrooms coming up. Tasty.

I've given up on trying to get rid of the back bed. I will get rid of that lava rock this year, though. Four years is long enough. My ultimate goal this year is to get some more perennials in and get everything basically where it's going to go forever. Also, I'd like to figure out why I'm seeing such big size differences in the same beds. The hostas especially get progressively smaller the further down the bed you get, and I think the end hosta might be gone forever. Maybe I need something that's part sun at the end instead of full shade. I'd like to add some hydrangea and coral bells in up there, plus maybe something short in the sidewalk bed. I really need to draw a plan.

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